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Winter 2018


Rules for Good Jewish Girls by Marian Kaplun Shapiro

Arc of The Blue by Carol Deering

ASSAULT AT MAI-ATAL by Carol Deering

Elegy for Summer, Long Island by Dr. Blaise Allen

Poets Anonymous by Dr. Blaise Allen

Deforestation by Dorothy Cantwell

Wild Goose Chase by Dorothy Cantwell

Diary By A Twenty-Year-Old Man by Martha Deed

The Sunken Forest by Ronnie Hess

A Manhattan Morning Walk by AnnRea Fowler



8:30 pm, June 30th by Mimi von Schack

It's Not Just About the Mosquitoes by Martha Deed


Short Stories

The Fig Tree by Roger Armbruster

Falling Stars by Laura Allnutt

Fire Alarm by Taylor Rossics




How to Drink Yourself Sober by Alex Stolis


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