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By Mary Sheila Morrissey


Lone woman unfolds a battered web lawn chair
close to the band shell but slightly off to the side.
Nicely dressed, trim figured
from afar maybe fortyish
Surrounding her are pairs of chairs,
couples young and old, some with little
children, some with little time left,
some with dogs.
She has a book so that before the music starts
she’ll have company.
The setting sun in the backdrop
one to be shared for certain.
The music starts.  The singer weaves
acoustic tales of love and life.
Toes tap, heads bob, smiles shared
and the holding of hands.

Lone chair.



Mary Sheila Morrissey was born in Albany and grew up in Kings Park.  After a 42-year absence/exile, she has returned home to Long Island and resides in Northport.  Until 2 years ago, she had not picked up a pen to write in 35 years. Since then, she has self-published four books of poetry and is writing a novel.  Two of her poems on metamorphosis were featured recently on Hofstra University's "Calliope's Corner: Poems from People Like You" radio broadcast.

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