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Three Poems by Emily Corwin


what’s cleaned from here

my tweezed eyebrow follicles, my smudge &

floss, the facial mask with extracts of blueberry

& willow bark, eggplant skin pieces,

suds, gauze, lint, hexagonal glitter speck & old

market honey, cheese with pollen I didn’t like,

too-small hipster undies, mildew in the tub

grout & donut peaches with wound, boogers,

the paddle hairbrush hair, fingernail hunks &

wire nails for wall stud & cat fur too, expired

juice for screwdrivers, a bad feeling, a

troubling in me from too much rot internal,

eternally a tainted cage.

the hottest thing since sliced bread

if I drop the fluoxetine on my tongue tip & search for

water, the tang milks like fluoride rinse & biscotti. I mosey

through the eighty-nine degrees plus humidity, my

crevice—a swamp, I need to rip away my cheekie undies,

slice them off with any nearest not-blunted instrument,

each tined rod available to me. I am being a pain, a whiner,

an eyesore—my own eye tingles from peeking at the solar

eclipse, hypochondrial paranoia of retinal burn. I show up

an hour too soon, I will never be fashionably-late to yours

or anyone’s get-together, sweat gathers in lines of salt in my

underarms, under-chest, under my depth of hairs. my

central goal with this allotted time & energy is to seduce

everyone in my internet feed, I dust a shadow called

cobbler on my crease & lid—I know you will like it, just

click there on the heart.

love scene

tonight the land around us—gloomy gloom. I wear cubic zirconia & a cape, swollen—a flume, a dash of water, blotch of peach vodka bloom in orange juice. I am enamored, dear groom, by your waistcoat & watered silk, the ballroom blisters, the blue hubbard squash, pimpled, gloomy. tonight I ruminate on you, in a slick pink costume, zinnia sown in my side, my curvature in a tomb, mildewed & bitter, they prepare to exhume my bodysuit, I could never leave you, dear cartoon I collide against a meteorite, we zoom, lurch through the milkshake galaxy, the torches waxing bloodless, peroxide bloom

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