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By Duane L. Herrmann

Middle aged woman   


on food in café.   

Nearly adult son   


recognizes crisis   

yet can’t help.

Others stare in disbelief.

He knows he should help –   

but can’t.

For the first time   

his abusive,

dominating mother   

is not in control.

He’d never imagined it:

his lifetime   

of helpless pain   




Duane L. Herrmann, an internationally published, award-winning poet and historian, has held a variety of teaching and other positions, and is now retired. A fifth generation Kansan, with Native and European ancestry, he writes from, and about, these perspectives.  His history and poetry have won awards and been translated into several languages. Collections of short stories and of historical articles are forthcoming. These accomplishments are remarkable considering his traumatic childhood embellished by dyslexia, ADD and PTSD.

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